Who are we?

We believe in building relationships, finding out about people’s passions, interests and businesses, then creating something beautiful to represent that. We also believe in teamwork and collaborate with others on many projects.

  • bad Abby
    bad Abby

    The Black DogsTechnical & Design Team

    There are several Black Dogs in the studio, all providing creative and technical input via their eyes, ears, noses and tails.


    Julia McCaigWeb Designer

    I've been in the communications business for many years and moved into the realm of web design over the past 4 years. In 2010 I launched this small creative design and web development studio, located on Bowen Island in Howe Sound. 

What we do…

PROCESS First, we chat about it. You tell me what you need. We discuss your market and who your website is approaching. Then we explore the best ways to meet your needs and satisfy user experience demands with a strong, effective site. Then we PLAN IT, starting with a site map and hand sketches, we then move to WIREFRAME IT. We use wireframes to help you visualize your website then DESIGN IT. Planning the workflow in this way results in designing a system for your website, rather than individual layouts. Finally, we POPULATE IT.Together we take your now finished website, and flow final content into the content spaces we’ve planned out for you. This makes creating content more structured and straight forward.

  • jumping labrador
    jumping labrador

    Web Design

    The most important part of a perfectly designed website is connecting the user with the information they came to find.

    We'll ensure you jump for joy at what we create.

  • wordcamp

    WordPress Professionals

    We build our websites using WordPress, a state-of-the-art personal publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability.

    We are always upgrading our skills to ensure we maintain best practices on the web.

  • Communication

    We believe the most important part of designing and developing your website is in the communication. We will oversee your project thoroughly and carefully communicate with you every step of the way.

  • Maintenance & Support

    We won't leave you swimming in circles, but will provide continued website management and maintenance support to you and your staff for as long as you need it or ongoing if you choose.

Our Work

Below is a sampling of websites we’ve built recently – all are maintained and supported on an ongoing basis. At Black Dog Creative, we’re easy to work with – you’ll find we have more wag than bark and that we never underestimate the warmth of a cold nose.



Here’s some nice things folks have said about us…

  • Tim Pardee

    BI Fish & Wildlife Club

    The Bowen Island Fish & Wildlife Club (BIFWC) is made up of a group of dedicated volunteers focused on salmon enhancement on Bowen Island. We needed to redesign and upgrade our website, as well as create illustrated booklets explaining some of the habitat rehabilitation work we do. Julia was recommended by several friends as a professional expert in website development and creative design, and someone who was a pleasure to work with. “In 30 minutes Julia can do more work perfectly than I could do poorly in 10 hours”. How right they were!

    Connie Wright

    Designer | Jeweller | Traveller

    After nearly a decade of wanting a website and speaking with several different web designers I choose Julia at Black Dog Creative to design my site. I'm so happy I did! Julia was so easy to work with, her patience, great ideas and humour made the project so much easier than I ever thought possible! The end results are great and I know that I can return to Julia if I need something changed or added onto. Her creativity and understanding are a bonus. Thank you Julia!

    Ainslie Manson

    Children's Writer

    This may sound absurd, but I was drawn to Black Dog Creative because of the name –I have a black dog too! But it was without a doubt the right decision. Julia is creative and imaginative. I write for kids so I didn’t want a stiff business like website. She’s a book lover and knew this instinctively. I love what she’s created – it’s clean, clear, fun to visit and it makes me smile. Julia is an amazing teacher with endless patience. My computer skills are severely out dated… but she has taken me by the hand, her tutorial time has helped tremendously and I’m even blogging now! Thanks Julia.

  • Darcie Buzzelle
    Darcie Buzzelle

    Darcie Buzzelle

    Sticky Bee - Marketer Extraordinaire

    Julia arrives to each project with a thoughtful and open-minded perspective. Don’t mistake her quiet demeanour for a reluctance to join the conversation — she’s conscientiously and diligently taking stock of the consensus and studying what’s not being said to determine the best course of action for a successful end result.

    Her commitment to mutually beneficial outcomes is an enormous project asset on any endeavour she touches. And what appears as an anomaly in today's marketplace, Julia delivers on her promises!

    black Dog Puppy
    black Dog Puppy

    The Black Dog

    Quite frankly, I believe that altogether too much time is spent working and entirely not enough walking and eating...

    Patricia Baldwin
    Patricia Baldwin

    Patricia Baldwin


    Thank you so much for my beautiful website, I simply love it and love visiting it. The majority of the visits recorded are probably mine.

    Thanks to you and your gentle guidance and techno wizardry we ended up with a beautiful result.

    A huge thank you and big hugs, from your admirer...

  • Cathy Bayly
    Cathy Bayly

    Catherine Bayly

    Curator - BI Museum & Archives

    Julia created the beautiful website that brings the Bowen Island Museum and Archives out of the cobwebs and into the 21st century. She managed to take the unique, vague dreams of six opinionated individuals and produce a sophisticated, user-friendly, visually pleasing website that we are proud to show off to our community.

    What more can I say? The project came in on budget, on time and has the added benefit of ongoing support.

    Andrea Verwey
    Andrea Verwey

    Andrea Verwey

    Green Valentine - Communications

    I have been a client of Julia's at Black Dog Creative, and a colleague at the Bowen Island Community Foundation. Whatever we work on together, Julia always brings her killer combination of creative energy and direct, no-nonsense practicality.

    She listens well, project manages well, delivers reliably, and cares deeply - no small thing in the world of web design and communications. I highly recommend her talents to you.

    Brandon Brind

    ImageStudio - Creative Director

    I hired Julia to research and source material, compile articles and get permission to quote sources for an auto-biography I am working on for a very special client.

    She was wonderful to work with and very thorough in her research and writing.

  • Colleen O'Neil

    Caring Circle - Coordinator

    Julia had a deep understanding of our organization's goals and reflected that in her work for us without much direction. She did not let our project's limited financial resources deter her from doing excellent work in a timely fashion.

    Most delightfully Julia is a joy to work with...a good listener, smart, passionate about the health of her community, and has a great laugh!

    Leanne Romak
    Leanne Romak

    Leanne Romak

    Square Wave Studio - Web Director

    Having worked with Julia over the past few years, I can strongly attest to her outgoing personality and love of learning. I find her to be a great communicator, she’s insistent on quality and efficiency and loves WordPress, Photoshop and all things web and design.

    Her optimism and general joy of life make working with her a delight!

Our Clients

We work on many different projects for a few select clients…

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